Daniel Myrick – Writer / Director / Producer

*The Blair Witch Project* *Solstice* *The Objective* *Under the Bed*

“It’s critical to keep your vision authentic and truthful. One has to carve out the time and energy to pursue passions because, for me, that’s why I got into this crazy business in the first place. I hope you’ll embrace Andy’s book and use it to help you realise your cinematic visions”

Carlos Gallardo – Actor / Producer

*El Mariachi* *Desperado* *Once upon a Time in Mexico*
*Planet Terror* *Bandido* *Single Action*

“I hope you’ll enjoy reading this book, learn a lot and are inspired to go make your film – you can make it happen!”

John Ottman – Editor / Composer

*The Usual Suspects* *X-Men Apocalypse* *Superman Returns*
*Kiss Kiss Bang Bang* *Valkyrie* *Jack the Giant Slayer*

“Rules are for fools! I’m glad there’s a book stressing
the importance of following one’s creative instincts”

Marilyn Ghigliotti –
Actor / Hair & Makeup / Photographer / Director

*Clerks* *Alien Armageddon*
*Starship Rising* *Lake Eerie* *Murder Hill*

“I’ve many years of experience as an actor and hair & makeup artist; working with both beginners on low budget independents and established filmmakers on studio based films. This book will give filmmakers the knowledge and details that many new (and some experienced) filmmakers seem to overlook or neglect. Even with my experience both in front of and behind the scenes, I find Andy’s book helpful as I make my leap to director/filmmaker.”

M. Scott Vogel –
Director / Photographer / Writer / Producer

*Requiem for a Dream* *Pi* *Patti Smith: Dream of Life*

“Andy Wilton’s book is like having a mentor in your back pocket; if you are new to this game, don’t leave home without it.”

Keith Bell – Producer

*Dog Soldiers* *The Descent*
*Harry Brown* *The Tournament*

“William Goldman once wrote ‘nobody knows anything’.
Well he’s wrong. Andy Wilton proves in this book that hes definitely on to something. Trust your instincts, take risks, think creatively for ways to solve a problem, oh, and be lucky”.

Chris Gill – Editor

*28 Days Later* *Sunshine* *The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel*
*The Guard* *Calvary* *The Journey*

“Learn from reading this compelling book,
then go create!”

Oliver Damian – Producer

*Iron Sky* *God of Happiness* *Iron Sky: The Coming Race*

“In times of a rapidly changing industry,
Andy’s book is a great, inspiring tool for all filmmakers
to think outside the box. I love it.”

Stevie Hargitay – Producer

*Goal!* *Goal 2* *Fire in Babylon* *Match 64*

“With Andy’s book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make your indie masterpiece and show
the ‘big boys’ how it’s done”

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