Out of this World Influences

Hey Film Folk, This week I’ve been travelling around the UK a lot. The best part of this was travelling to Liverpool (birth place of the Beatles) to see SPACE (my favourite band) play. I’d produced and directed a few of their backdrop videos, so it was great to see them played in front of a live audience. SPACE are … Read More

Rules are for Fools!

Hey Film Folk, Film is a funny business. The public understand what actors do, they have some notion as to what a director and producers do and a few of the other key roles… but most people have no idea how many people go into creating a film. A large Hollywood film can have literally thousands of people working on … Read More

Reach for the IRON Sky…

Guten Tag! When somebody says “low budget indie film” people tend to think either Horror, Action or possibly a Comedy… Because us indies need to maximise our budget, we often end up making the same sorts of films and setting our films in the same locations; a wood, an abandoned warehouse (I’ve been there with both). There is a LOT … Read More

My favourite indie comedy… CLERKS

Hi Film Folk! This week I’m going to talk a little about “Clerks”, the hit Kevin Smith comedy from 1994 (it can’t be that long ago surely?!). When I first saw the film I was working in a video store, while at university. Before becoming a professional filmmaker, I worked in a grocery store stacking shelves, so I can relate … Read More

Be More Badger

Hi All, My fiancee and I were lucky enough to spend some time in Northern Scotland this week. While there, we visited a hide, and were able to witness badgers, pine martins, red deer and mice in their natural habitats. I was literally a few inches from these critters (seperated by a panel of glass). What particuarly impressed me was … Read More

Get It Signed!

Hi All, While my current focus is on mastering this book, and building our community website (more on that in the coming weeks); I am still, of course, an active filmmaker. I’ve had an interesting week. I’ve been working on a short video to play as a backdrop for a song when my favourite band, SPACE, play live. They’re a … Read More

Don’t Listen to the Numpties…

Hi All, It’s been really interesting, while starting to publicise this book, to listen to feedback… I’ve responded to both positive and negative feedback from professional writers and industry professionals. Some of independent films best and brightest have given me mostly unanimous praise, and some pointers which I’ve focussed on tweaking. Having this deep feedback from highly respected people with … Read More

Rebel Without A Crew – My Bible

Hi All, I’m writing, what I’d like to consider, is the definitive book for low/no budget indie filmmakers (Atomic Filmmakers). There is a lot of information out there online these days, but you can’t beat the power of a book… The book that did it for me (and still does) is Robert Rodriguez’s “Rebel Without A Crew”. It follows Robert … Read More

Industry Creatives Testimonial Update – Chris Gill

Hi All, I’m incredibly proud to announce the latest industry legend to add their testimonial to the book jacket. What an incredible portfolio of work. I genuinely love all of those films, except “The Journey” which I haven’t seen yet! I look forward to doing so. Thanks to Chris for taking the time to add his name to our testimonial … Read More