Filmmaking With Puppy-dog Eyes

Hey Film Folk, Here at Atomic Filmmaking HQ, we’ve just got a new office dog! He’s a miniature schnauzer called Max, and he’s adorable… Watching Max settle into his environment, reminded me of a useful lesson for Atomic filmmakers, indie filmmakers who want to maximise their results. Let me explain… I’m completely used to my surroundings here at HQ, as … Read More

The 15 Secrets of Atomic Filmmaking!

Hi Film Folk, This week, I’m not just giving you a blog with some tips/thoughts or news, this week I’m offering you a FREE filmmaking eBook. WOW, it’s almost like it was Christmas already!! 😀 A lot of you film folk have been asking when “Hollywood Hates This Book: The 7 Step Guide To Making Your Film For FREE” will … Read More

VR Filmmaking…

Hey Film Peeps, Isn’t technology amazing? The equipment we have in the edit-suite astounds me. When I started editing, it was between two VHS decks (and it was utterly awful). When he was a kid, my Dad used to watch programmes like Star Trek, where the technology wasn’t just non-existent, it was “impossible”. Now, we’ve travelled in SPACE and we … Read More

Bite the Big Apple

Hi Film Folk, I’ve been fortunate this year to spend time in many cities in England and Scotland and to visit Prague, Berlin, Munich and now New York… I spoke a little about New York in last week’s blog, this was my first visit since 1999. As a writer and filmmaker, I think it’s really important to experience life. To … Read More

New York Reflections

Hi Film Folk, I’m just off the plane from New York, back in the UK. This week I just wanted to offer a short blog about some fresh emotions, before they get diluted through the daily grind. It’s a more sombre blog that I typically write. The last time I was in the Big Apple was in 1999, as a … Read More

September Update

It’s all very well writing the definitive indie filmmaking book – but WHERE IS IT??? “Hollywood Hates This Book – The 7 Step Guide To Making Your Film For Free” It’s taking AGES to get this book launched to you lovely people, but we are getting there… As you’ll probably already know, it’s a one-stop book for indie filmmakers, particularly … Read More

German Efficiency

Hi Film Folk, My partner Frances and I just got back from a holiday in beautiful Germany. This involved flying out from Edinburgh to spend some time in Berlin, Munich, Fussen and Starnberg. I’d only ever been to Germany once before, when shooting some commercial work for a client in Hamburg. My trip this time was more fun, fuelled with … Read More

I Love Amazon Video Direct (and you should too)

“Amazon Video Direct” might just be the greatest distribution opportunity for indie filmmakers, ever. OK, Youtube is the behemoth but audiences aren’t flocking there looking to buy content. VIMEO offers incredible video clarity, but the peeps on the street have never heard of it. So, what is “Amazon Video Direct” and why should you be looking at it for your … Read More

Howay the Lads!

Hi Film Folk, Most of you know that I’m a UK based filmmaker, but more specifically I’m a “Geordie”. This is the term given to people who were born in and around Newcastle upon Tyne (there’s various understandings of exactly where). I’m very proud of the region, it’s why my creative work is produced under the “Once upon a Tyne” … Read More

Celebrating The Production of Pi, Two Decades On…

Hey Film Folk, As you’ll all know, I love films… but I equally love filmmaking. My happiest experiences of watching movies are when they are an excellent piece of cinema and they’ve been crafted by passionate, indie filmmakers who are maximising a budget. This is everything that I stand for and promote. In 1998, I was rocked by a slice … Read More