Too Much Tease?

Hi Film Folk, Not only do I love the cinema, I also learn a lot from every film I see (good and bad). I’ll be completely honest with you though, I’m sick of trailers! Don’t get me wrong, there’s a real skill and art to creating a fantastic trailer. Hinting at a film’s genre, content, quality and gently gaining the … Read More

March Book Update

Hi Film Folk, Thanks for your patience with waiting for our book. I can promise it’s worth the wait… “Hollywood Hates This Book: The 7 Step Guide To Making Your Film For Free” covers the entire filmmaking process. When writing it, I was advised that it should really be seven books (to maximise sales). Nope, I wanted to give filmmakers … Read More

Egg Shaped Filmmaking Lessons

Hi Film Folk, Recently, I was fortunate to spend a day learning from Sir Clive Woodward. As my audience is international filmmakers, and not primarily sports enthusiasts, many of you may be asking “Who?”… Sir Clive is a top, top, TOP sports coach and sport team leader. Of his many accomplishments, he took English rugby from a wallowing mediocrity to … Read More

The World’s Most Boring DVD?

Hi Film Folk, What’s the weirdest project you’ve ever undertaken? Let me list some of mine for your amusement. Regular readers will know that I’ve directed over 1000 films (business films for elite and budget clients, music videos, DVDs, short films, a feature and various other content). I started out by making home videos, and then films for the supermarket … Read More

Choose Filmmaking

Hi Film Folk, Choose filmmaking. Choose a story. Choose a camera. Choose a computer. Choose some actors. Choose tripods, rigs, jigs and gizmos. Choose lighting, makeup and costume design. Choose visual and special effects. Choose endless script rewrites. Choose effective pre-production. Choose your crew. Choose location scouting and set design. Choose having the balls to go out and try something. … Read More

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Beta

Hi Film Folk, I’m currently in the process of designing the Kickstarter for our book. This involves working out all of the perks, writing the copy for the page and creating our video. It’s exciting times, and it won’t be long until the book is with people… Yay! In the mean time, we’ve also been starting to give early access … Read More

New Year, New Membership Site

Hi Film Folk, I hope you’re all having a suitably brilliant 2017 thus far? Just a quick blog this week… I’m excited because I’m sooooo close to launching my filmmaking membership site (The Production Posse)! It’s been a long time in the making, so this really is a great feeling for me. Currently, I’m populating the site with forums, tools … Read More

2016 – Atomic Top Five

Hi Film Folk, As you’ll probably know, I typically discuss filmmaking techniques and issues rather than doing much reviewing. It’s New Year though, so I thought I’d briefly run down my “Atomic Top Five” films of 2016. I tend to rank story and originality first, then cinematography/acting and all of the other key elements of filmmaking second. There won’t be … Read More


Hey Film Folk, I’ve spent a lot of time in Space this week… OK, I’m no Neil Armstrong, but I did have some “out of this world” adventures these past few days. On Wednesday, at midnight, I went with some close friends to catch the new Star Wars film “Rogue One”. I’m going to talk a little bit about it … Read More

Filmmakers – You Are NOT Alone…

Hi Film Folk, This week I wanted to talk to you a little a bit about how you are NOT alone… ….sounds like an X-Files episode, eh? Back when I started filmmaking, in 1999, the indie film community was a very different place. We were few and far between, the internet wasn’t what it is now, you couldn’t put your … Read More