If You Go Down To The Woods

Hi Film Folk, I’m closer than ever to being able to launch our book, and that’s got me really, REALLY excited. I’m currently working out the logistics of some of our Kickstarter campaign. I’ve been asked why we’ll be launching a Kickstarter, for a book we’ve already written… Well, it’ll certainly help pay for the book release, but it will … Read More

New Year… New Opportunities

Hi Film Folk, 2018 is going to be a tremendous year!! We’ll launching the Production Posse (limited free beta-memberships are still available before it becomes paid-for-subscription only), my filmmaking book will be launching – and I’ve so many creative projects to crack on with too (the fun stuff!). What does 2018 have in store for you? I hope you can … Read More

Would You Trust a Tennis Coach… That’s Never Played Tennis?

Hi Film Folk, It’s always utterly fascinating and I’m so grateful to all my industry expert guests for taking time out of their busy schedules. This month I’ve had in-depth discussions with Rachel House (talented actor and acting coach from films such as Thor Ragnarok, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Moana, Eagle vs Shark) and Marci Liroff (an elite casting director, … Read More

Your Name

Hi Film Folk, This is my first blog for a few weeks (must try harder Wilton!). The good news is, that’s because I’ve been hard at work on both our impending book, and the Production Posse website. We’ve some amazing new masterclasses going live in the next week, including Dreamworks editor Mike Andrews (Shrek 1,2,3, Megamind, Sherman & Peabody), actress … Read More

A Filmmaking Discovery

Hi Film Folk, Have you ever considered how important “discovering” is with filmmaking? There’s a lot of phenomenal films out there, and there’s some bad ones too. We all know how cheesy some movies can be, littered with dodgy explanatory dialogue. When was the last time you spoke out loud to yourself like that? So, often films will use a … Read More

Elmo’s Gone Nuts on eBay

Hi Film Folk, This week’s filmmaking tale isn’t really filmmaking at all… It’s my experiences of buying a film on eBay. I think there’s important lessons to be learned though… about dealing with people over the internet. I believe that the indie filmmaker’s best friend these days is the internet, but not everybody is who they say they are, or … Read More

Blindfolded Filmmaking

Hi Film Folk, Here in the North of England, we’re blessed with a huge range of cinemas. We’ve got lots of multiplexes: two Odeons, two Vues, an Empire and a Cineworld. There’s a whole range of art house cinemas, the number of which varies depending on how far afield you’re prepared to drive. My favourite local cinema is “The Tyneside … Read More

Jar Jar is welcome at my BBQ

Hi Film Folk, Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself re-watching the STAR WARS films. That’s right, all of them. I watch them as a fan, a film lover and as a filmmaker, and I rate them pretty highly. It’s quite confusing to keep up with the order, but I have my head wrapped around it… just about. Most … Read More

S**t Show

Hi Film Folk, In my time, I’ve had some really fantastic premieres. I’ve seen my work in packed theatres, with an electric buzz and crackles of emotion and excitement. I can remember the thrill of screening my first 30min film “Twenty Thousand Little Reasons” at the Tyneside Cinema, in Newcastle. We sold it out and had a great event, despite … Read More


Hi Film Folk, As many of you probably know by now, I’ve launched a filmmaking membership site called “The Production Posse”. Why? Well, I remember when I started out in film, and even when I made my first feature, there simply wasn’t a network of similar minded filmmakers I could reach out to, tools I could use and learning resources … Read More