If You Go Down To The Woods

Hi Film Folk,

I’m closer than ever to being able to launch our book, and that’s got me really, REALLY excited.

I’m currently working out the logistics of some of our Kickstarter campaign. I’ve been asked why we’ll be launching a Kickstarter, for a book we’ve already written… Well, it’ll certainly help pay for the book release, but it will also help us to gather launch momentum.

The other great thing about Kickstarter, is that I’ll be able to offer you lovely people some fantastic perks. This will be everything from the book, to audio copies, limited edition versions AND even the chance to get your name, or even your film’s production tales, into the book. Seriously, watch this space.

I’m very proud to announce that Dan Myrick (of the Blair Witch Project, amongst so many other films) has had an early copy of the book draft and has very kindly added his name to our list of testimonials… You can read those here.

The three biggest films for me, when initially pursuing a career as an indie filmmaker, were El Mariachi, Clerks and The Blair Witch Project. I consider myself to be incredibly blessed to have two of the stars of El Mariachi and Clerks, Carlos Gallardo and Marilyn Ghigliotti, to have offered their kind words to the book content. Adding Dan Myrick to this, is brilliant.

I first saw the Blair Witch Project on the night it came out, midnight, Halloween 1999… It terrified me (I’m usually immune to Horror) and I had to walk through a wood at 2am afterwards, on my way home. I was lucky enough to get to talk to Dan about the making of the film, and his thoughts on filmmaking, for the Production Posse. If you haven’t yet checked out the Production Posse, you’re missing out. Find out more here.

So, I will be able to let you guys know more about our Kickstarter very soon… In the meantime, I wish you every success with all of your work – be Atomic!!

Thanks for reading,

P.S. If you have any thoughts or ideas about what perks you’d like to see, let me know!