March Book Update

Hi Film Folk,

Thanks for your patience with waiting for our book. I can promise it’s worth the wait…

“Hollywood Hates This Book: The 7 Step Guide To Making Your Film For Free” covers the entire filmmaking process. When writing it, I was advised that it should really be seven books (to maximise sales). Nope, I wanted to give filmmakers a one-stop resource for the entire process.

It’s designed to be a complete guide for a novice filmmaker, but with enough detailed content to greatly assist experienced filmmakers who want to improve their work. It’s especially useful to anyone making, or wanting to make, feature films.

The book covers, in great depth: contemplating your production, writing, pre-production, production, post production, marketing and distribution. I’m really proud of how we’ve managed to drill down and cover everything from protagonists to lenses, working with actors to mastering audio. It’s a tome of filmmaking knowledge for the indie filmmaker!

So, where is it??
Well, the book is written. I’m currently just working out our crowdfunding campaign, and formatting for print.

Why Crowdfund? We want to launch with a buzz and some bang, and it seems like a really GREAT way to kick off a launch. The advantage for my team is a build of momentum at launch. The advantage for you guys is a chance to take advantage of all sorts of exclusive perks.

Perks such as different formats of the book, digital products, DVDs, consultations, book credits and so much more… I’m excited about the opportunities.

I’m still considering Crowdfunding platforms, and all of the logistics therein, but we’re very nearly there.

Thanks for all of the patience and positive vibes I get from you all,

In the meantime… if you haven’t had a download I do have a FREE taster eBook for you all here.

Thanks for reading,

Andy Wilton

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