I Can’t Believe It’s Not Beta

Hi Film Folk,

I’m currently in the process of designing the Kickstarter for our book. This involves working out all of the perks, writing the copy for the page and creating our video. It’s exciting times, and it won’t be long until the book is with people… Yay!

In the mean time, we’ve also been starting to give early access to our filmmaking membership site (The Production Posse) to beta-users, and there’s still a few spots left.

What’s a beta-user? Well, these are some specially chosen people who get free, early access in return for testing the facilities and providing some feedback.

What is “The Production Posse” and how does it relate to our book? Well, “Hollywood Hates This Book: The 7 Step Guide To Making Your Film For Free” is the definitive guide to find out how to make an independent feature film, from conception to projection! The Production Posse is the online resource for accomplishing it. We are there to educate, motivate and bring together film creatives, and the site is full of tools, resources and networking opportunities.

If you think you might be interested in being one of our beta-users, send me an email at atomicfilmmaker@iwf.co.uk and let me know. We still have a few spots left.

Pretty shortly, access will be for paying customers only, and then filmmakers will be sadly declaring: “I can’t believe it’s not Beta”…… (in truth, it’s great value anyway).

Thanks for reading,

Andy Wilton

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In addition to the above, we’re also currently recording interviews with top Hollywood experts for Production Posse masterclasses. If you have someone in mind that you think would be suitable, send me an email. 🙂