Be More Badger

Industry Creatives Testimonial Update – Chris Gill

Hi All,

My fiancee and I were lucky enough to spend some time in Northern Scotland this week. While there, we visited a hide, and were able to witness badgers, pine martins, red deer and mice in their natural habitats.

I was literally a few inches from these critters (seperated by a panel of glass). What particuarly impressed me was the ingenuity of the badgers.

These badger peeps aren’t tiny, they’re the size of a small dog. They’re a little chunky and cumbersome-looking. That doesn’t get in their way though, they have a flexible snout, could squeeze into holes and can even climb trees! That’s right, these guys have determination to get food and have mastered the ability to climb trees. They aren’t graceful at climbing (the pine martins are) but they get the job done.

I wondered how often that applies to filmmakers and creatives. While I’m primarily a writer/director/producer; I have turned my hand to every aspect of filmmaking at some point or another. From sound design to cleaning the floors, from being a runner to a cinematographer.

Don’t be limited by labels you put on yourself. In Hollywood, with unions and regulations, you might be forced to contain yourself within a very defined area or role.

On an independent film, you will need to be much more flexible, and you may require those around you to be more adaptable too. You still want people to be skilled at their roles, but people thrive on being pushed and learning new abilities. Just be sure to create an enviroment in which they can safely grow and have support.

So, the next time you’re concerned about something, just make it happen; be more badger!

Thanks for reading,
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P.S. Badgers did occassionally fall from trees, but they dust themselves off and get back on it.