Don’t Listen to the Numpties…

Industry Creatives Testimonial Update – Chris Gill

Hi All,

It’s been really interesting, while starting to publicise this book, to listen to feedback…

I’ve responded to both positive and negative feedback from professional writers and industry professionals. Some of independent films best and brightest have given me mostly unanimous praise, and some pointers which I’ve focussed on tweaking. Having this deep feedback from highly respected people with incredible track records has been useful, and motivating!

It’s not ALL been good though…

Amazingly, when promoting the work on indie forums amongst beginner and amateur filmmakers, the response hasn’t always been as favourable.

I’ve had people refer to the book as “spam”, “pointless” and “unneccessary”. It’s OK, I can take the punches, especially as the same people announced that “they don’t read books”, “everything is already on the internet” and (my favourite), even “Robert McKee has nothing to teach us, he hasn’t made many films”…

Yeah. Well Stephen Hawking hasn’t visited many planets, but he still knows a thing or two about the universe… (I’ve interviewed Stephen Hawking, but that’s another story).

You’ll always find small-minded people out there (here in the UK, we refer to them as numpties). Don’t listen to them. People don’t like it when you go out there and make things happen. They’ll do what they can to knock you, it makes them feel better about not doing anything of worth themselves. It’s easier to sit on facebook and bitch and moan than accomplish things.

Don’t let the numpties drag you down – they haven’t knocked my determination or belief in my book.

I’d sooner listen to the experienced, respected professionals who highly rate it than the numpties who knock it (though haven’t actually read it).

Maybe I should make a simple version, with pictures and no words, just for them?

Thanks for reading,
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